Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A month later... the 1st blog appears!

Almost a month and its about that time... to blog dayy! I must be honest with you, I really didn’t know what to expect when getting to Brazil. There were doubts and of course fear along with the agony of the unexpected. Its beens different, a good different. I’ve been out to the country before for weeks and months at a time, but God doing something new and different ... I KNOW HE IS!

There are times when I can’t completely grasp that I will not be able to see my family until the next year, but I know and can see that God has already begun to provide a family here. We are living at the FNB (Brazil Nazarene University) till Nov 15ish then we are off to Rio de Janeiro! Its been really great to be able to live with the students here in Brazil and share life with them. My heart is so happy to be able to be here, and also be blessed with such a wonderful roommate! The FNB is busy place, more so at night than during the day, especially THE KiTCHEN! This includes: intense games of UN0, English/Spanish/Portuguese 'classes', 'cooking' classes, and like every 'good' Nazarene University intense theological discussions till 2 am, but of course the list goes on.

So how is the Portuguese coming along? Well its been super intense. Its a lot like Spanish, but iTS N0T SPANISH!! That's what I have to remind myself constantly as I attempt to communicate with people. Pronunciation is what is killing me right now along with conjugating verbs!! So I have been watching Disney movies in Portuguese and of course listening to music, its been SUPER helpful!!! We went to a bookstore a two weeks ago and I went straight for the children's section to find a book and they we super expensive so when I get the chance I turn the TV to watch cartoons in Portuguese. Sometimes I feel like I am in 1st grade because I can recognize the letters and make the sounds, and I can understand more than what I can respond. So I'm giving it my all time, but there at times at the end of the day that I am mentally exhausted. If you've ever been a translator or immersed in a culture, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

But its going really good. This past weekend Aimee (my wonderful teammate and roommate) had the opportunity to share with about our journey with the teens at a local church and it went really great! She did such an awesome job and I feel like I did too! I really do believe that God was and is still working!

The weekends are my favorite part of the week, we are able to do home stays were we go to local pastor homes or leaders in the church and share life with them. This program is so different from other things that people are used to seeing when it comes to ministry. Its not about the progress of effectiveness or accomplishments of prior set goals its about doing what Christ did when he came. He lived life with us. This is my prayer while being here in Brazil. My biggest fear is to get so caught up in the doing of ministry without allowing God to flow in everything that is life itself. I am not sure if you understand what I am saying, but I am fed up with being placed in four walls and saying, “IN HERE is ministry” just the thought of that makes me want to cringe. Yes, church is a scared place but it is not the only place the God works. He is already at work and continues to work!

So I can't even begin to express how excited and what a huge blessing is it to be here, to learn about what God is already doing here and to share life with our Brazilian brothers & sisters! Thank you so much for your prayers, encouraging words and emails throughout these last days. Please continue to pray for us and the teams in Ireland and Croatia. Blessings!