Monday, May 9, 2011

"It is for Freedom that Christ as set us Free.." Gal.5:1a

"The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind,
to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor." Lucas 4:16-20

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Come & Follow!

Okay, so I came across this video today on my friends Facebook and thought, I HAVE TO SHARE! So, I'm sharing :)
Ok, então eu vi esse vídeo hoje no Facebook do meu amigo e pensei, eu tenho que compartilhar! Então, estou compartilhando :)

Mi Carpintero, mi alma aquí está!

Cantor y escritor: Alex Campos

Ay cómo me duele estar despierto, y no poder cantar
¿Cómo expresarte sin palabras?, me muero si no estás.
Que el tiempo pasa y todo cambia, y lloro de soledad
Que el sueño que llevo en el alma, de repente ya no está.
Que la sonrisa se ha marchado, mis lágrimas caerán
mis lágrimas caerán…

Al Taller del Maestro vengo, pues ÉL me curará
Me tomará entre sus brazos y cada herida sanará.
Las herramientas del Maestro, mi alma ÉL remendará
Martillo en mano y mucho fuego, aunque me duela ayudará,
a conocerlo y entenderlo, a saber que nada merezco,
amar es más que un pretexto, es una entrega, es un negar,
Más que aquel sentimiento, es la decisión de amar…

Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…
(Allí, allí el sol se pondrá…)
Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…
(Carpintero, mi alma aquí está…)
Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…
(No importa el tiempo que allí he de estar…)
Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…

Ay de aquellos días que hizo frío, el sol no apareció
Cuando el talento no lo es todo, y el silencio vale más
Que mil palabras sin sentido, la vida que morirá
Si tu no estas aquí conmigo, de que sirve mi cantar
¿Para qué la fama y las estrellas, si el maestro allí no está?
¿Para qué decirte que te amo, si contigo no quiero estar?


Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…
(Allí, allí el sol se pondrá…)
Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…
(Carpintero, mi alma aquí está…)
Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…
(No importa el tiempo que allí he de estar…)
Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…
(Aqui estoy!!! Carpintero!!!)
Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…
(Martillo en Mano... Martillo en mano y mucho fuego)
Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…
(Aunque me duela, aunque me duela eso ayudará...)
Al Taller del Maestro Vengo…

Monday, March 21, 2011

Metanoia 2011

Metanoia means "mudança de mente" which means " movement or transformation of the mind", that was the name of the youth retreat. We helped organize and lead small groups during that extended weekend. Yes, our Portuguese was stretched and we can't stop praising God enough for His faithfulness in continuing to give us strength to keep learning, daily! Scott and I had the blessing of sharing a word with the teens, Scott spoke about temptation and I spoke about idolatry. To say that the weekend was a blessing, doesn't help truly capture how God moved and taught us all during that time. The youth retreat was held at the river community, a 4-5 hour boat trip up the Black River. It was tons of fun and I really enjoyed spending more time with the teens... learning from them and God move in their lives!

Here are some pictures of the retreat, there are more on Facebook on the 'Amazonia' albums, check it out!

Thank you so much for your encouraging words and prayer support during these last seven months! Bendiciones :)








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One of my favorite things in life is watching a sunset... watching the sunset on the Amazon river was something that I never imagined that I would have the privilege to witness...
Even through a sunset God can speak, God can affirm... God demonstrates His faithfulness and love..
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Que minha vida seja tua vida Jesus....

Friday, March 18, 2011


So there are a couple of songs that really speak to my heart here in Brazil... so I i just wanted to share one of them with you all! I've done my own 'really rough' translation, because I searched around and couldn't find one. Hopefully my translation isn't too bad. Don't be too critical I've only been speaking and learning Brazilian Portuguese for 7 months now.. be merciful please!? :)

"Os sacrifícios para Deus são o espírito quebrantado" (sI. 51:17)
"The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit.
You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God." (Ps. 51:27)

Song Title: Sonda-me
Artist: Aline Barros

Sonda-me, Senhor, e me conhece, quebranta o meu coração
[Search me, O Lord, you know, break my heart]
Transforma-me conforme a tua palavra
[Transform according to Your Word]
E enche-me até que em mim se ache só a ti
[And fill me up, until you find in me only You]
Então, usa-me, Senhor, usa-me
[So, use me, O Lord, use me]

Como um farol que brilha à noite
[As a lighthouse that shines at night]
Como ponte sobre as águas
[As a bridge over the water]
Como abrigo no deserto
[As a shelter in the desert]
Como flecha que acerta o alvo
[As a arrow that hits the target]
Eu quero ser usada, da maneira que te agrade
[I want to be used, in a way that pleases You]
Em qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar, eis aqui a minha vida
[Anytime, Anywhere, here is my life]
Usa-me, Senhor, usa-me
[Use me, Lord, use me]

(the entire song repeats and ends with the bridge below)

Sonda-me, quebranta-me
[Search me, Break me]
Transforma-me, enche-me, e usa-me, Senhor.
[Transform me, fill me and use me, O Lord.]

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

can't stop dreaming about... tortillas!

Okay now i know that the first thing you are going to think is that must be going through some kind of food withdraw, negative. Or you might be thinking that I may be going through some sort of cultural shock, perhaps. Em, yea its probably that. All I have to say is that I can't believe that I have gone this long in my life without a tortilla. I keep dreaming about them.... I can't believe that I have gone thing long with out them... hahaha. I know you think I am crazy, but don't know if I can go on a lifetime eating without a tortilla in my left hand instead of a knife....

All I am saying is that next time that I am out of the country for this long and my family asks me for a list of what I want in the care package, tortillas will be among the first items on the list, if not the first. lol.

59 days till I get back and have a homemade tortilla in my hand!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Manaus, Amazonia





A month ago today we were finishing packing our bags to leave Rio de Janeiro and arrive in the Brazilian state of Amazonia. As we flew over this region there was a huge sea of jungle, litrally for miles upon miles. Brazil is seriously larger than what I imagined, its huge. Hours later we arrive in Manaus, the capital of Amazonia. This city is basically an island in the middle of jungle of sea. There are is no infrastructure that connects this city to the rest of the country. You can only come here by boat or plane. If you take a bus from any city in Brazilian you will eventually have to get on a boat and ride the river for hours to arrive here. As Pastor Manuel told us the first day we were here, "No one comes to Manaus by mistake." It's just not possible.

When we arrived I was excited. I am still beyond excited to be here. To be a part of what God is already doing in this region. The Church of the Nazarene has been in this region for the past 10 years, so the work here is fairly new. Missionaries, Rev. Manuel & Lidia Lima have been faithfully serving here for the last half of that time. There vision and passion for this region is contagious. There is only one Church of the Nazarene in the city of Manaus. Their hopes and desires are to focus on disciplieship this year and begin home small groups throughout the city that will potentially transform into churches.

Their passion and vision for the river communities is as vital as the ministry in the city of Manaus. Pastor Manuel told us that before we begin ministering in this region we have to come to understand the context and realities of the people their. We have been learning that the river communities are generations of migrant workers from the Northeast. Many of these migrant workers were promised food, water, housing and a good stipend. Only to result in forced labor, they basically were slaves.

This last week Scott & I spent four days in a town called Nova Airão, a small town of 14,000 people acroos the Black River. Then we traveled to two river communities; one of them called Santa Isabel. At Santa Isabel the Church of the Nazarene will be buiding a water well here in the next month. Later we visited some families, prayed for the sick and later that evening share a meal and encouraging word with the professor and leader from the community.

The population of river communities runs from 50-100 people.
They are warm and simple people.
They people that are like you and me; hungry and thristy to know God.
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A little from: Niópolis, Rio

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My heart continues to beat intensely for Rio. It was here that we had the opportunity to participate in ministering with what the church was already doing among the favelas in Rio. Favelas, are what Brazilians call the slum communities within their city hills. Working alongside teens and adults that we passionate about this ministry really marked and stretched me. I can still remember and hear the prayers of some of the teens as we walked and stopped at homes to pray with families and give them food basket for a month; their prayers of hope, healing and transformation for them and their children.

Um Pouco de: Campinas, São Paulo

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São Paulo: During our time in Campinas, São Paulo we stayed at Brazil Nazarene University Campus. These people were more than our community and friends, they became family. What great memories and things we learned with them those first months!

i L0VE... being Trilingual?

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Feeling a little bit more fluent in Portuguese as the weeks go by. Couldn't help but take this picture, because I absolutely love all these languages!

Here we go!

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Scott & I also have been working alongside Igor. Igor is from Rio, but after spending a couple of months here and then going back home his heart kept calling him back to Amazonia. Now, he lives here and is passionately ministering along with Pastors Manuel & Lidia Lima in the river communities.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Months Goes by Too Fast...Seriously.

Sunday January 10th was our last Sunday celebrating and worshiping the greatness of our God with the Niopolis Church of the Nazarene. It was that night that God reminded through the sermon what I was here for...

The pastor challenged us to becoming the living love letters to the world. Yup, that sounds like incarnational ministry to me.. yup, that sounds like fulfilling the missio dei to me! Oh man... took me back straight to NTS and reminded me of some of the things we learned and talked about last year and during the 'training' of 365M.

Rio de Janeiro both the state and the city is a vibrant place. Its also a state with so many contrasts.... obvious contrasts and many which people deny to see sometimes. It is natural beautiful, absolutely marvelous. I have loved every minute of every day in Rio. I have some serious "SAUDADES" of that wonderful place. Saudades the Portuguese word that is used to express an emptiness, longing of someone or something that is more intense that simply missing someone...

It was here that we met more amazing people. This time at this site we didn't do weekend house stays, it was a completely different experience. We stayed Pastor Pedro Paulo's house. Its a 10 minute walk from his house to the church or the school. Its also a 10 minute walk from Pastor's house to the 'downtown' of Niopolis. During my first week in Niopolis my skin quickly gained more color... and I was beyond excited because we hadn't even made it to the beach yet, hahahaha! And of course with lots of sun comes TONS of heat. I will now take a moment and reflect on the intense heat of Rio... yup, its summer alright!

These last two months have been so great. We've had the opportunity to not only meet amazing people, but grow and learn from them as well. Twice a week we had 'language and culture class' and then we would have lunch at the church with the church staff. The afternoon were our 'free times' to get school work done, visit/hang out with friends, run errands or whatever else needed to be done. Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays nights there were Bible studies/Worship services that we would attended at the Niopolis church. Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) during the first month and a half we would do ministry work with "Amigos de Ezequias" the compassionate ministry at church. God used them to teach me and reminded what it means to love and serve your neighbor wholeheartedly. With this ministry we had the opportunity to visit and learn about the favela's in Rio, the work the church is doing there and really come to understand the context of lives of the people there. One of the most memorable moments for me was our visit to Dona Marta. We took a huge bus filled it up with the teens from the church along with the Amigos de Ezequias and we basically invaded the community. We took 'cesta basicas' (food for a month for a family) and went around the community giving the food basket and praying with the families. It was such a blessing to see teens so passionate about sharing the love of Christ... That reminds of another time that we went with the 'Amigos de Ezequias' to a slum community under a city highway... this time the youth theatre ministry from church came along with us and they presented the Christmas story to the children and their families in that community. It was there that also gave 'cesta basicas' to more families and prayed with them... It was there that I met Samantha, a young single mother in her late twenties... As we were walking the tiny 'walk ways' in this community she was sitting there and she asked us 'can you please come to my house and pray with me.." we walked inside the one room home and as one of the leaders of Amigos de Ezequias began to ask her about her day and how we could pray for her... she began to cry and pour out her heart... as she spoke about her circumstance... my heart hurt for hers... how I wish that my Portuguese could be more fluent so that I could have prayed with her and spoken more with her... while she was speaking all I could was intercede for her... for the Holy Spirit to move in her life and that God would open her eyes to see the power of His hand... at the end of our visited with her I gave her the biggest hug and what I could say I shared... "May our God bless and protect you, your son and your home"...

These are perhaps the most difficult times... when you desire to share and communicate without stumbling over incorrectly pronounced words and verb tenses.... people say that my Portuguese is getting better but that doesn't stop me from wishing and praying for improvement... I'm thankful for those that I have had the opportunity to share life and part of my heart with in Portuguese, and they have been so patience.... I'm thankful for those that encourage to express myself in Portuguese. You would be proud I can basically understand Portuguese all of it, well except for a huge chunk of formal words and good chunk of slang, lol. Still I'm progressing :) Oh and I am getting better at reading out loud! You know I thought that coming to Rio was going to confuse me and what I had already learned because of their heavy accents, but its challenged me to train my ear to better understand and recognize sounds!!

We have it the middle of our time here in Brasil... I really can't believe it. I just can't believe that its January. Sometimes its still hard to believe that I am really HERE! Ahhhh (that's an EXCITEMENT scream, lol) All that to say, the first two months here in Brasil... felt like the slowest two months of my entire life... I couldn't even imagine getting to January and now January is almost over! The last month and a half in Campinas flew by... and by the time Rio was beginning to fill like home it was time to pack up and move again.... UGH!!! :(

SAUDADES de Campinas e Niopolis!! And even though I miss it I have to admit that I am also beyond excited to see the great things that God wants to teach us in Manuas!!