Thursday, January 31, 2013


Welcoming the New Year in a new a place, comes along with tons of mixed emotions. Well, I didn't actually celebrate "New Year's Eve"in Argentine, but arriving here January 10, makes it feel close enough! Feelings of joy, for new beginnings. Feelings of sadness for the tough 'good-byes' that came. Feelings, of excitement and of hope for what God is doing, has done and will continue to do!

One of the many things that I was thankful for this month, was the joy of being received by my home church family, Olathe College Church. They were here on a Work & Witness trip, and to be able to arrive to familiar faces was beyond a blessing. At the end of their week here, we even had the opportunity to learn more about the Argentine culture together. We went to an 'estancia' which is basically like a fancy farm - in simple terms. We ate a traditional Argentine meal, along with learning about their history that included learning how to ride a horse! Here are a few of the pictures from that trip with the Work & Witness team, which did I mention - I was also to share that experience with other missionaries here too. It was fun!

Location: South America Regional Office Campus
Picture Of: Olathe College Church Work & Witness Team 

Location: Estancia Santa Elena, Argentina
Picture Of: An Argentine Gaucho

Location: Estancia Santa Elena, Argentina
Picture Of: Guacho Competitions 

Location: Estancia Santa Elena, Argentina 
This first month of January, came with tons of adjustments. Learning new cultural norms, re-learning Spanish terms that I had stored away. The most beautiful thing about all this learning, is that daily I re-learn to trust God more and more. And as I learn new things, and learn about my community, neighbors and new environment I'm reminded. That I need God more and more, that He is not done with me yet. Yay, for God's faithfulness!

- It's summer, I love the sun!
- Being 'indirectly' received by the College Church team!
- God's faithfulness and love.
- I'm really thankful for you, for your prayer support - thank you!

Prayer Requests:
- For missionaries, both young and old, that are serving that they may know and feel God near to them!
- Adjustments, and culture-shock it happens. Trust me.
- For my family back home, they are going through adjustments too.
- Quick to listen and slow to speak; both in my relationship with God and others around me.