Monday, February 18, 2013

With Us

God is with us. Always.

How beautiful to know that God is with us always, that Christ is ever present through the Holy Spirit. That even when we are unaware, and continue with daily chores - God is close, God is near.

God's name of Emanuel, has a new meaning to me these days. I felt, saw and experienced God with me in a new way recently.

It was a Friday night, I was crossing the street with some friends from church. None of saw the motorcycle coming towards us, and it hit me at full speed. I'm okay, don't worry. But it really shook me up that day.  I went to the hospital. I have no broken bones, I had deep bruises and two scraps. I came home that night, laid in bed - and I felt the arms of God wrap around me.

God is with us.
God is near.
Daily, our God is near to us.
How beautiful is that?

- Safety
- Joy in the midst of so many transitions
- New friends and faith community

Prayer Requests:
- Quick recovery
- Sensitivity to Gods leading