Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spanglish in FADES

My days here consist of lots of interruption and translations, of all types documents and situations. It keeps me busy and I love every second of it. It's challenging, but helps me expand my vocabulary in both languages.

Left to Right: Dr. Jorge Julca, Presient of  Southern Cone Seminary,
Dr. Dan Copp, International Board of Education Director
After just being here for a few months, I was invited to take part as an interrupter for a very special event with the Southern Cone Field. Our Southern Cone Seminary is celebrating 10 years of faithfully expanding the Seminary campus beyond its borders through a program called FADES [Facultad Descentralizada]. This is a type of distance learning through intensive modules and online classes which is especially helpful to bi-vocational pastors all around Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.  

It was a really great experience and blessing. I met many amazing pastors from these various countries and was also encouraged by their eagerness to continue learning. God is doing great things in the Southern Cone field and I'm so blessed to have had a small part in this celebration.