Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Celebrating 12 years!

Since I arrived in January, one of my friends discovered that I play piano and that opened the doors for me to be able to join the praise and worship team at the local Nazarene church, Altos de Pilar. It’s been a really great experience sharing and growing with them musically. They have tons potential and great musical directors. It’s really been such a great blessing to minister with them, they have been so gracious as I learn with them and being with them is like being with family. They each have a very special place in my heart! 

Playing the piano has always been something very special for me. It’s more than an instrument for me, since I started playing I quickly learned that this was something very special. Over the years it has been a way of communication and expression in my relationship with God. Throughout the years on the journey with Christ, I have found my self sometimes without words and it was playing the piano, in a sort of prayer conversation that God has spoken to me. Being able to participate in leading the local congregation in worship has just been a huge blessing!  

This month at Altos de Pilar Church of the Nazarene, they celebrated 12 years of ministering here in this community. Here are some pictures of the celebration day, I sincerely enjoying and was blessed in joining the celebration by playing piano with the worship team and singing a special with choir!

Altos del Pilar, Church of the Nazarene - Choir 

Altos del Pilar, Church of the Nazarene - Choir

Altos del Pilar Church of the Nazarene

Altos del Pilar Church of the Nazarene
  • Continued protection and safety. 
  • New Seasons, it's exciting! 
  • Gods love, through community. 
Prayer Requests: 
  • Overall health. 
  • The ministry teams of Altos del Pilar, that God may continue to guide their vision and work at the church and in our community. 
  • That I may continue to be attentive and responsive to the opportunities that arise to minister and serve others.