Monday, June 10, 2013

¡Muchísimas Gracias!

It’s been 6 months, can you believe it! Time has passed by so quickly, I had people in the last weeks ask me how long I’ve been here, and I said “Oh, like a few months..” and they respond, “No, Liliana it’s been 6 months! It feels like you’ve been here forever!” I smiled at their response hoping that my presence hasn't felt like its dragging out, instead that it's been a blessing. Just like each of the people here has blessed my life in special ways. I have to be honest all that is going on here continues to be daily processed, but through it all let me go ahead and tell you one thing - God is SO amazingly faithful and beyond good! These past 6 months have taught me so much, and I’m so excited for all that God is going to continue to do! 

This month has been very busy with the preparations for the Church of the Nazarene General Assembly, click here to learn more about what the purpose of the conventions are! We are busy here at the Regional Office in Argentina, since one of the world site's is located here in Pilar, Argentina! Plus, there's tons that go into preparation for something so huge! I'm happy to be busy -- but I'm also thankful that God has been my source of strength as I continue to daily use English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. I never thought that I would be using all 3 languages on a daily basis -- sometimes at the end of the day, I'm not exhausted because of physical work but more so mentally. Switching back and forth tons of times throughout the day can be exhausting, but let me tell you... I LOVE IT! 

So, I’m very thankful for you, your prayers and the ways that you have connected with me unexpectedly throughout the months. Thank you for the packages in the mail, for the Skype dates, FaceTime calls, and all the Facebook messages of encouragement. Trust me, they all arrived at the right time. Your love has been felt, so thank you very much! 

A card from my parents in Oklahoma, USA. 

A package full of yummy treats from family in Nebraska, USA. 

A very special and sweet card from friends from College Church in Kansas, USA. 
  • For my neighbors and faith community. 
  • For God's love. 
  • For the friendships being built here.
Prayer Requests: 
  • For my family back home, lots of changes recently. 
  • For me to continue to stay attentive to Gods leading and voice while ministering here. 
  • For my colleagues here in Argentina and throughout the SAM Region, that God may continue to guide them with wisdom and grace.