Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday English Classes at Moreno

There's a couple of Nazarene churches in the area. There is one in particular that is growing, and its exciting to hear about all the wonderful things that God is doing there. This church is called Moreno Central Church of the Nazarene. Its approximately an hour bus ride to get there and then another hour to get back, but let me tell you its completely worth total 2 hour trip!

A couple of weeks back, the pastors and local leaders shared with me a vision of project that would begin as a part of a discipleship and evangelism tool in the area. This project would be targeted to pre-teens, teens, young adults in the area. There would three focus projects: soccer training, guitar lessons and English lessons.

So after the General Assembly in Indianapolis, I returned in full gear to begin working with this project with the focus of providing English lessons. Its been a wonderful opportunity just growing with the students! I wanted to share some pictures of the classes, we're off to a small start - but know that God is ready to move in our lives!

I'm so blessed for this opportunity, just when I thought that teaching wouldn't be a possibility for me during my time here in Argentina; God opens a door! He's so awesome!

We're learning past/present/future tense! 

We're learning about weather and seasons of the year!
- For God's faithfulness
- For Creative way the Holy Spirit leads and affirms
- For faith community and for the new English classes project!

Prayer Requests:
- For Moreno Church of the Nazarene
- For this outreach project, that God may move amongst us
- For strength and creativity; I want to always serve God and others with my very best!