Monday, August 12, 2013

Twenty-Something Years Old

This birthday was very much different. It was very cold and rainy. I've never had a winter birthday before, but in Argentina during the month of August its still winter season. Still in the midst of cold winds and rain, I felt a lot of Argentine love from friends near and far!

Thank you so much to all the LINKS churches that sent me birthday cards and gifts! I loved them all, each of you hold a special place in my heart! I remember as a kid we would send cards to our LINKS missionaries, and I never understood the impact of love that they would feel upon receiving the cards.

This year has been full of unexpected surprises from God, many of which have filled my heart with smiles and special memories. Thank you to my family and friends for all the text messages, FaceTime calls, Skype calls and Facebook posts.

But I especially want to thank these two girls in this picture with me, on my birthday they baked me a cake for me and we drank mate with other friends and enjoyed a relaxed evening together laughing - love you ladies!

- Thankful for life, another year of life!
- Thankful for family, friends and the faith community
- For Gods love and presence
- So very thankful for LINKS program and the churches that I'm connected with!