Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Peru: Celebrating 100 years!

God is good. Like, super awesome good.
Imagine celebrating 100 years of Gods faithfulness, where would you begin?

... (deep thoughts inserted here, lol) 

Did you know that the Church of the Nazarene first arrived to Peru when it came to South America! Yup, so awesome! So, the regional leadership team was invited to the 100 years celebration of the Church of the Nazarene in Peru. On Oct. 28th, we arrived at the opening service and I kept looking around at the generations all together in one place declaring of our Gods good and constant presence with us all. How beautiful!

This past week was pretty amazing! Lots of wonderful new smiling faces within the beautiful Peruvian culture and of course delicious food for days. Still, one of the most exciting things was waking up every morning and knowing that God was always walking before me. And the same God that was walking before me is the SAME God that has been also walking with my brothers and sisters in Peru.

Today, I want to share some pictures of the week in Peru.  The week was full of encouraging conversations, meetings of course .. oh and I go to present my first workshop for Global Mission SAM! It was super exciting watching the room fill with leaders, pastors and young people wanting to learn how to be part of serving, loving and sharing the transforming Gospel: praise God!

Learned a ton during this week. Here's is a quick glimpse of my time in Peru..

A photo posted by Lilii Reza (@lilireza) on

A photo posted by Lilii Reza (@lilireza) on

Friday, October 17, 2014

¡Hola from Argentina!

I'm very happy to be back home. Yes, Argentina is my home. Well, it is at least for now and until God says otherwise.

The last couple of months were spent in the USA visiting churches and sharing about what God has been doing throughout these 2 years here in Argentina. For more details, you can see the previous post to catch up on the highlights of the trip. Thinking back on all the conversations had in those months in the USA some of the most common questions in regards to Argentina and South America went sort of like this, "so how different is it?"

Well, that's a hard question to answer in less than 5 minutes! Still, I found some short clips that I will be sharing from a website called "I am Buenos Aires" (http://iambuenosaires.com/) . On their website they share and give insight about the Buenos Aires culture, the reality the city life and complex beautiful diversity it has. Some of the stories are very beautiful!

I'm excited to take this journey with you all, as we deepen our understanding of South America, specifically Argentina, through the lenses of all these people. So make sure to leave your comments and observations below!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Home Again: August - September 2014

Thanks again for staying connected!

During the months of August and September I've been back to the USA. This season for me and other missionaries is more commonly called Home Assignment or Deputation. Its a time that is dedicated to going back to your home country and sharing about Gods faithfulness in your life and ministry in the world area of your current mission service.

"Coming home" is a time that is full of emotions, tons of them. Some days are full of joy, smiles and giggles and other days you miss the new home so much (Argentina). Still, in the midst of it all I'm super thankful for the time spent visiting churches whom I've been connected with throughout the past years and I also really enjoy making new friends and connections.

Here are some pictures of churches visited. Thanks again to everyone who's been so supportive through your encouraging words, text, emails and phone calls!

Thank you for joining me in prayer on Tuesdays for the ministry in South America with Global Mission Mobilization. 

Let's keep in touch!

Representing Argentina with the official national soccer jersey at the youth event! 

Sharing about the ministry of Global Mission Mobilization in South America! 

Taking a quick picture with some pretty amazing young people! 

Loved being with this group in Texas! We did a fun activity with learning the countries of South America! 

So privileged and blessed to have shared a full week at a mission focused VBS! 

Some of the awesome and fun preteens at the church in Michigan! 

Missions Camps: June - July 2014

Thanks for visiting the site! Here are few pictures summing up the activities involved during June and July 2014. It's been very busy, but oh I'm also so thankful for it! It's been such a blessing that there are not enough words to describe!

Thank you for joining me in serving, loving and giving! 

June 2014:

Spent the majority of the month in Brasil at a Youth Missions camp, and also visiting some local churches in the area. After almost 2 years, I was able to go back to Brasil and see some old friends. It was also awesome to be able to make new friends and connections!

Please continue praying for me and also for the ministry of Global Mission SAM. There is still tons of work to do! Here are some pictures that highlight some moments of those days in Brasil!

Over 200 teens from the ages of 14-17 participated in this Youth Missions camp! 

Creative Evangelism, including breakdance, are a part of the strategies of going out into the community! 

Creative Evangelism, also included skits on the plazas of the local communities! 

Make sure to check out the complete news article about this Youth Missions Camp directly from our South America Regional website: http://en.samnaz.org/encounter-ema/

July 2014: 

After Ecuador, the next stop was Ecuador! Serving God is exciting and wonderful! During our time in Ecuador the focus was to gather together, learn and serve! A group of South Americans joined a group of USAmerican teens and we spent 2 weeks exploring and deepening in our understanding of what it means to be called by God. 

Here are some pictures that highlight our time together!

Serving together, painting at a local Nazarene church in Ecuador!

Serving together, helping with bringing down some cement walls! Oh, what fun! 

Here's our group picture on the Equator line found in Ecuador! 

On our tourism day, we had the chance of watching the Final World Cup match between 2 hemispheres! 

Make sure to check out the complete news article on the South America Region website at: http://en.samnaz.org/mission-emersion/

And there are videos and even more pictures on the Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissionImmersion

Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick Recap of February | May 2014

It's time for an update of all that has been happening in the last few months - Here is a recap through pictures! God has shown His continued faithfulness! Its been a very busy last couple of months! Lots of movement and also traveling, which is always exciting and fun.

Thanks for your prayer support, thank you for serving and loving the South America Region along with me ...  YOU ARE KEY in the ministry work that is being done all around the world!

Thank you for serving, loving and giving well!


  • Daily Tasks, keep adding up at the office.. praise God for new opportunities and his faithfulness in growth and development in our leadership. God is moving and is doing wonderful things - we've recently had regional meetings that include national leaders. It was a wonderful time! 


  • Most of the weekends are full of activities with the local youth group, this typically includes hanging out on Fridays and Saturdays... lots of fellowship time with mate and pizza! Please keep praying for the youth of Argentina and all of South America - God is raising up a generation passionate and ready to serve: PRAISE GOD! 


Got to visit Ecuador for the first time! As part of my responsibilities with the Regional Office includes coordinating logistics of regional meetings, I got to participate! Look at that beautiful view, God is pretty awesome!


  • Buenos Aires is SUCH a diverse city and it also has some incredible things! Some of these things include the festivals and tourist places you can visit on the weekends. During May, my friends and I visited the Casa Rosada (the presidential house) and also went to a Mexico cultural festival on the streets of Buenos Aires, good fun and tons of fun times! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Life Learning

Many don't know this, but if I could be doing something else in life (in my list of top 5) it would probably involve teaching of some sort. And no, I don't have an age preference. I've had students from the age of 6 years old - 30 years old. Teaching experiences from elementary public schools, to private Christian education, special needs education and also ESL programs. Each experience has been enriching and I think I've learned more from them than I ever imagined!

Since my time here in Argentina, God has been so good! I'm learning a ton, not only at the office (with tons of administrative duties) and from serving at the local church here, but also from teaching present leaders and pastors pastors of the South American Region at the Bible College.

The first invitation, arrived Fall 2013 to teach a course! Wow, too many emotions to describe. Still, mostly excitement and of course I found myself without words to thank God for the opportunity! Yay, for new things!

Today, I'm asking that you please remember me as you pray this week. Looks, like the Bible College wants me to teach again this Spring 2014.. and I'm going to go ahead and say YES!

I completely recognize that I have a TON to learn, but one thing I know - that I will serve the Lord wholeheartedly everywhere and in everything.

Cause let's face it, it's always good to keep sharing and learning together.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

365 days in Mission to Ireland - Estela Reza

Today, I want to introduce you to a very special person in my life. I'm especially excited for my little sister, Estela Reza. This year she has been invited to ministry in Ireland! God has been using her in various ways throughout her life, both in our family and also in our community.

Would you please check out the video below and consider taking part in ministry with her during this year in Ireland?

Online Giving: http://web.nazarene.org/site/TR?pg=fund&fr_id=1090&pxfid=4360

Estela Reza's Blog: http://estelareza.blogspot.com.ar