Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick Recap of February | May 2014

It's time for an update of all that has been happening in the last few months - Here is a recap through pictures! God has shown His continued faithfulness! Its been a very busy last couple of months! Lots of movement and also traveling, which is always exciting and fun.

Thanks for your prayer support, thank you for serving and loving the South America Region along with me ...  YOU ARE KEY in the ministry work that is being done all around the world!

Thank you for serving, loving and giving well!


  • Daily Tasks, keep adding up at the office.. praise God for new opportunities and his faithfulness in growth and development in our leadership. God is moving and is doing wonderful things - we've recently had regional meetings that include national leaders. It was a wonderful time! 


  • Most of the weekends are full of activities with the local youth group, this typically includes hanging out on Fridays and Saturdays... lots of fellowship time with mate and pizza! Please keep praying for the youth of Argentina and all of South America - God is raising up a generation passionate and ready to serve: PRAISE GOD! 


Got to visit Ecuador for the first time! As part of my responsibilities with the Regional Office includes coordinating logistics of regional meetings, I got to participate! Look at that beautiful view, God is pretty awesome!


  • Buenos Aires is SUCH a diverse city and it also has some incredible things! Some of these things include the festivals and tourist places you can visit on the weekends. During May, my friends and I visited the Casa Rosada (the presidential house) and also went to a Mexico cultural festival on the streets of Buenos Aires, good fun and tons of fun times!