Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Missions Camps: June - July 2014

Thanks for visiting the site! Here are few pictures summing up the activities involved during June and July 2014. It's been very busy, but oh I'm also so thankful for it! It's been such a blessing that there are not enough words to describe!

Thank you for joining me in serving, loving and giving! 

June 2014:

Spent the majority of the month in Brasil at a Youth Missions camp, and also visiting some local churches in the area. After almost 2 years, I was able to go back to Brasil and see some old friends. It was also awesome to be able to make new friends and connections!

Please continue praying for me and also for the ministry of Global Mission SAM. There is still tons of work to do! Here are some pictures that highlight some moments of those days in Brasil!

Over 200 teens from the ages of 14-17 participated in this Youth Missions camp! 

Creative Evangelism, including breakdance, are a part of the strategies of going out into the community! 

Creative Evangelism, also included skits on the plazas of the local communities! 

Make sure to check out the complete news article about this Youth Missions Camp directly from our South America Regional website: http://en.samnaz.org/encounter-ema/

July 2014: 

After Ecuador, the next stop was Ecuador! Serving God is exciting and wonderful! During our time in Ecuador the focus was to gather together, learn and serve! A group of South Americans joined a group of USAmerican teens and we spent 2 weeks exploring and deepening in our understanding of what it means to be called by God. 

Here are some pictures that highlight our time together!

Serving together, painting at a local Nazarene church in Ecuador!

Serving together, helping with bringing down some cement walls! Oh, what fun! 

Here's our group picture on the Equator line found in Ecuador! 

On our tourism day, we had the chance of watching the Final World Cup match between 2 hemispheres! 

Make sure to check out the complete news article on the South America Region website at: http://en.samnaz.org/mission-emersion/

And there are videos and even more pictures on the Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissionImmersion