Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Peru: Celebrating 100 years!

God is good. Like, super awesome good.
Imagine celebrating 100 years of Gods faithfulness, where would you begin?

... (deep thoughts inserted here, lol) 

Did you know that the Church of the Nazarene first arrived to Peru when it came to South America! Yup, so awesome! So, the regional leadership team was invited to the 100 years celebration of the Church of the Nazarene in Peru. On Oct. 28th, we arrived at the opening service and I kept looking around at the generations all together in one place declaring of our Gods good and constant presence with us all. How beautiful!

This past week was pretty amazing! Lots of wonderful new smiling faces within the beautiful Peruvian culture and of course delicious food for days. Still, one of the most exciting things was waking up every morning and knowing that God was always walking before me. And the same God that was walking before me is the SAME God that has been also walking with my brothers and sisters in Peru.

Today, I want to share some pictures of the week in Peru.  The week was full of encouraging conversations, meetings of course .. oh and I go to present my first workshop for Global Mission SAM! It was super exciting watching the room fill with leaders, pastors and young people wanting to learn how to be part of serving, loving and sharing the transforming Gospel: praise God!

Learned a ton during this week. Here's is a quick glimpse of my time in Peru..

A photo posted by Lilii Reza (@lilireza) on

A photo posted by Lilii Reza (@lilireza) on