Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wrap It Up -- It's a New Year!

¡H O L A!
So, 2 0 1 4 -- was insanely G O O D!
But we have this amazing God, that has begun to show me something super exciting....

Are you ready??

2 0 1 5 is going to be E X T R A O R D I N A R Y! 
Full of God's blessings, of smiles and all that jazz -- and I'm smiling ear to ear all excited already!!

Quickly looking back 2014 it brought lots of changes, new lessons and challenges; which are always good for growth. I like green stuff. And since I relate growth with green. Em, green is good. Except for that green stuff that comes out of your nose.

So, for all that and so much more, I'm super thankful to God for keeping it real and pruning those areas that obviously needed it.


November meant being back in Argentina full time after having spent some time in the USA, visiting some pretty awesome churches. It meant getting back in the swing of all the responsibilities at the SAM Regional office. It also meant starting to plan out and pray about all the plans for the new regional ministry responsibility.

November also brought about Global Mission - Mobilization training in Germany! Which came just in time for all the dreaming up with God! Would you please continue to join me in prayer for this ministry; as the Lord leads in discovering, develop and deploy those with a missionary calling in South America. Some days, I completely freak out. But that's okay and normal right?

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------ PLUS

In NOVEMBER I also had the opportunity to visit the little sister in Ireland. Beautiful country, wonderful people and of course delicious food. In case you haven't caught on to all my food IG pictures, I like food. If it's super good, I don't mind a second serving. What can I say, I like to eat!


Didn't get to go back to home to be with the family for the holiday season. But you know what's so awesome about being part of God's family? It's that you have family all over the world!

It's a pretty fantastic thing! This Christmas I got to spend the holidays in South America with wonderful friends and faith family! 

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  • Continue to pray for my family and friends, I miss them. 
  • Pray that God may grant me wisdom and grace as I minister all over South America. 
  • Pray for the ministry of Global Mission - Mobilization; there's tons of work to do -- and God is beginning to rise up leaders! It's an exciting time!
  • Pray for those already responding to call and serving along with me in South America. 
  • Pray for the youth/young adults of South America, that we may the generation of transformation, a generation that passionately lives out daily God's love! 


  • For health and well being, sometimes traveling so much can be exhausting. 
  • For friends and faith community here in Argentina! 
  • For new friends near and far; traveling allows me to meet amazing people with extraordinary stories that reflect God's goodness, power and redemptive love! 

Stay connected, hope to hear from you soon!