Monday, February 23, 2015

Thirdwave Costa Rica 2015

Let's be honest, this blog post is long overdue. We're basically in March, can you believe it?
So, here's my sincere attempt to be a better blogger:

I like my feet. I know its weird. 
T H I R D W A V E.
On January 5th I flew out to Costa Rica to participate as part of the South American NYI in a Global Nazarene Youth Leadership conference called Thirdwave.

Things I relearned #1: spiritual vision check-ups are very important! So, get your eyes checked!

"If I'm going to follow Jesus, that means I'm going to have His perspective. Daily."

Let's keep it real. We're people and people are, well human. We give faces at the counter when people take forever to pay. We make and give facial expressions when we disagree with someone and most of those facial express reveal more than our words could ever say.

It happens. But if I'm going to follow Jesus, should it be happening? Wait, does Jesus do the face thing too?

And so, then one awesome day Jesus looked at me with amazing love, no ugly nasty faces. Just love. And I clung to him. Jesus didn't give up on me or my family. Jesus looked at me with amazing love and then he called me to look at others with the same loving perspective.

Woah, hold up... ! This is hard.

Do you know what perspective means? It has to do with the way you view things. You know, if you knew where I came from and who I was before Christ, then you probably would have looked at me giving me that crazy pity look. You know the kind you give to those that come from broken homes and all kinds of messy-ish. That was me, the broken messy girl.

Jesus' perspective extends a super powerful love. The kind of love that reconciles.
Jesus sees more than just a broken girl with a messy back ground. The kind of the love that redeems.

One of the definitions for perspective..
"a visible scene, especially one extending to a distance; vista:" 

Jesus perspective extends to see things that others would have never imagined. So you're a follower of Jesus? Get your eyes check. God is doing extraordinary things in the lives of those around you. God's redeeming and reconciling people daily. Be on the look out, get messy, be a Jesus follower and get into Jesus' perspective; daily!

Time to exercise and have fun. Here's our South American youth
with our friends from the USA/Canada region! 
Things I relearned #2: there is no discipleship without prayer. 

We need each other.
Discipleship is not a solo effort.

When one falls..
We extend the hand to another help them get up.
When one is exhausted..
We can share the burden and weight.
When there is a victory in Christ..
We can party it up together!
When one is in pain, we can be the present.

Discipleship is a calling to serve wholeheartedly to one another, in every way possible.

Estela (my sister), Fabiola (my heart sister) and myself. 
Just like Jesus did with all his disciples.
We need each other.

We need each other to hear each other's stories and remember constantly how God's power has been made known in us and through our life stories; to intercede and grow together.

Because ultimately there is no us, if we're not praying for one another.

Lifting each other up in love.
There is no marathon without an us.

Justin (USA/Canada), Milton (Mesoamerica)
Things I relearned #3: obedience. 

We're a sent people.
We need to start acting like it.
We actually need to start living like it.
We're a sent people. We're called to love.
We're called be Jesus here and now.

God is calling you.
God is calling me too.

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many." Matthew 20:28, NTL

God is calling passionate young people from all over the world to love, serve and walk humbly. To love the brokenhearted, to set captives free. To serve even as a doormat if that is what he has called me to be. It's not about positions, titles or whatever else our human nature keeps wanting to hold tight too... its about people coming to know Gods transforming powerful love. It's about being Christ-like.

But it all starts with obedience. Because ultimately, we can't go and do much if we don't realize that we go in Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I firmly believe that God is already doing something extraordinary in this generation!

Would you please join me in praying for the youth that is passionately serving and living out Christ's love daily. We care called to be world-shakers, to be Christ-like... and I don't want to waste another minute!

Enjoy the video highlight!