Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thy will be done.

There are not enough words to describe to you all that God is doing and teaching me. These past months have been full of challenges and opportunities, in all areas of my life. Still, my constant prayer continues to be, “God, your will be done..”. That’s a pretty intense prayer. That’s a prayer that means I have to trust. Completely. No matter what, it’s always a choice to trust. I can’t see what’s before me, but I do know who goes before me… and I know my God is good, constant, full of love and amazing grace.
The first half of the year has been very intense! Full of youth events, meetings, conferences and there was an interesting question that kept coming up. I was asked by many leaders, “what’s your vision for this new ministry you’re heading up? what’s your big dream?”  But who am I to dream without God? There is nothing that I desire to do without God leading the way. Yup, every single step and detail. There is nothing that I desire more that to God to be constantly present; in words, actions but especially my dreams. 
My vision is that God’s Kingdom may come, just as it is in heaven! You know what that means? I’m requesting A LOT of Jesus presence. Everywhere and all the time. The kind of Jesus presence that shakes up things. The really good kind of shaking. The kind where you speak truth into people lives.. without even speaking. The kind of Jesus presence that Jesus is literally pouring out from within…
‘Cause when Jesus is present the blind will see, and those who are captive will be completely set free!
For me, it’s all about lives being transformed, though the amazing powerful love of Jesus.
Come Lord Jesus, please come. Please, always be present in me.

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