Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stateside (USA) Missions Training + Family Fun

¡Bienvenidos a Septiembre! Sincerely, I can’t believe September is already here. I’m literally feeling like the year is passing by so quickly. Wanted to remind you all, that you can find more updates on my Facebook Group, CLICK HERE or on FB your search bar type in:

Updates: Lili Reza in South America

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September was awesome. Really it was. Not only did I get to receive some really great mission mobilization training, but I also had a chance to have a mini-vacation with my family in Florida.

The mobilization training focused on empowering young adults in mission service, as well as training on how to take better care of our volunteer missionaries. It was a good time of learning, and I got a chance to brainstorm with people from the Kansas City Mobilization team that was also at this conference.

The training was in Florida, so my family decided to meet up with me after my training so we could have some much-needed down time, just us. 

Florida has always been one of my favorite states to visit in the United States. Being a girl from the Midwest I’m not used to having the sun and the beach breeze so close. But I’m happy to have the opportunity to go by and see the ocean.

I love the ocean, even though I’m not the best swimmer. I love the ocean because it a great reminder of the amazing and powerful God that we have. We have a God that is beautifully huge, literally. I think sometimes we forget that and get caught up in our worlds. But can you believe, that the Almighty Creator of the universe tends to our every need with love?

I love the ocean because it’s massive, because it reminds me that even in the midst of some of the most amazing and splendid mysterious creations like the depth of the ocean, God in His great love choose us. He chooses us to be called His children. Is that so beautiful?

Wanted to share some pictures of our time at the beach with the family. We we’re hoping the sea turtles we found near the shore would hatch, but we missed it. But we got to see a lot of coconuts. 

Thank you so much for the continuously love and support. Thank you for your prayers for me and for the ministry.  I’m excited to share with you all that a I will be moving to Paraguay at the end of year.

Would you please help me pray for this time? That God may continue to prepare my heart, but especially that I may see and literally feel how God is directing this new chapter of my life.

Don’t forget, that my Home Assignment time is almost here. That means that I hope we get to see each other soon. I will be in the USA from July – September 2016. Let me know if you, your church or district is interest in me visiting.

Let’s stay in touch!

Lili Reza

Monday, September 7, 2015

LOVE. SERVE. PRAY. GIVE.: Cone of Uncertainty

LOVE. SERVE. PRAY. GIVE.: Cone of Uncertainty: Up until a week ago, I had never heard of this phrase, well, until I moved to Florida. On Thursday, August 27, In less than 12 hours ago we ...