Friday, October 30, 2015

Mtgs., Weddings + Special Visits!

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¡Hola Octubre! Greetings from Argentina, and this time my younger sister had the opportunity to come and visit me. This month has been packed with meetings and also very special moments with friends, and my youngest sister here.

We have been working so hard on the South America region. We've been working on ways to better encourage and equip pastors and small churches on our region. So this month, we got together for a couple of days with the entire regional team (+40 people). We prayed for one another, and also presented ways to better equip pastors and developing-growing churches. It was a great time. Lots of learning and lots of work to do for the next year. We are excited for the things that God has prepared for his people here.  

Caminito - Buenos Aires, Argentina
This month has also been very special on the personal level. I've had the company of my youngest sister with me during the beginning of the month. We laughed a ton together, and she also got to meet all of my friends from Argentina. It’s very special to have family visit you on the mission field!

We went site seeing and even went to an Argentine-Brazilian wedding. My very special friends, who I met when I was a volunteer in Brasil almost 5 years ago, got married during this month. I had the chance to be part of the wedding band and play piano! I had so much fun. These are also the times I’m thankful for! To see how God sustains friendships through time, how God brings people in cultures together. And how God blesses me with a beautiful community of friends that I can call family here in Argentina.

Friends for 5 years, 3 countries represented in this picture.
This month I've learned that we have a God that takes care us. Really God does.

I've seen it especially this month, as God has so vividly reminded me and through the lives of my friends here in South America that God is sincerely and deeply concerned with our lives. Literally. 

It's been a year to a lot of weddings this year, but I'm always reminded one thing especially at these celebrations. I'm reminded of God's faithfulness. 

There is no need to doubt it, God is faithful. It doesn't matter wherever you're at in life.. 

The wedding band, is always a blast!