Friday, November 20, 2015

10 Random Thanks!

It’s November! It’s only appropriate that I share a total of 29 things I’m thankful for. Why 29? Well it’s my age; I know you thought I was younger, haha! But today I will only be sharing 10, in the hopes that you all can stay posted for the ones to remain.

They are sort of long, but sincere. Thanks for reading this post!

** NOTICE: The following list is not in order of priority but rather a list of random, but all equally important reasons/things/people I’m thankful for. **

  • Life, salvation and the constant love of God. Where would I be without you Abba? There is nothing that can compare or take your place. I love you!
  • Family, I can’t imagine my life without the complex but extremely beautiful and numerous family that I have. God continually demonstrates and teaches me grace, love and patience through y’all. ¡Los amo!
  • Friends, I can’t even keep count of the way that God has blessed me with friends all over the world. If I could list the ways that each of you blesses me with your friendship… seriously thanks for putting up with me! Thanks for choosing me back and calling me friend! I love you!
  • Church, You’ve molded and cared for me. You’re the one that has offered and entrusted me with service, leadership opportunities and in the midst of my learning and weakness and held me up and intervened literally but also in prayer for me. Thank you Church! You are deeply loved!
  • South America. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. It’s here that God confirmed what I had been feeling for years. Thank you for the privilege to serve your amazing people. I am sincerely blessed to call you home.
  • Latin America. Thank you for teaching me about my heritage, for teaching me how to appreciate and deeply love my roots. You have taught me to love my heart language and I am forever in debt for you opening your doors to accept me with my first generation weird mix of Mexican-Gringo customs and mold me into the passionate woman I am today.   
  • Sunday School + Youth Leaders, etc. Thanks for all the Bible lessons, you have no idea how much you have impacted my life. Some of my favorite Bible verses that I keep in my heart are the ones that I learned with you! Thanks having patience with my reading skills, and also for teaching me with such a humble heart on weekly basis. I’m forever thankful for you!
  • Professors from Undergrad + Grad school. Thank you for believing in me, for encouraging me and seeing things in me that I couldn’t see for myself. Thanks for all the unspoken life lessons, and for the times you prayed with me when I needed it. You were literally a Godsend those days. Sincerely, there are days when I’m on the mission field that I literally can hear you. It’s a good thing. Here’s to hoping I’m making you proud!
  • LINKS Churches. There is no way possible I could do anything without your constant love and support. Thank you for all the cards, encouraging notes, and prayers. The prayers, they are felt… in real ways they are felt. Thank you!
  • Missionary Colleagues + Missionary Campus Neighbors, etc. I’m thankful for my neighbors who always had an open door and table for me. Who cared for me in times of sickness and when I need a ride offered one to me. It’s really great to have you as neighbors! Thanks for putting up with my dog, when I had him.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ecuador: Missions Mobilization Camp

I’m so excited about this post that I promise to make it short and sweet! Just got back from Ecuador and my heart can’t stop smiling. God is so good! God is moving and I get to personally see it in the lives of the young people in South America.

From Nov 13th- 15th, Global Missions Mobilization hosted a Cross-Cultural Orientation camp where we equip and encourage those with a missionary calling. It’s a great time for these young people with a missions calling. At the camp they share their testimony and also interact with others that are passionate about the same things they are. They also learn about missions in the Church of the Nazarene, and they ways they can be a part of Gods missions now!

It’s a beautiful thing to hear stories of how God is calling them to serve. Can’t wait to see the fruits that they will bare soon!

Would you continue to pray for the ministry of Global Mission Mobilization in South America? That God would continue to raise up a generation of world changers. If you or your church would like to be a part of this ministry, please feel free to contact me (! 

Grace + Peace, 
Lili Reza