Wednesday, December 2, 2015

¡Feliz December!

It's the most beautiful time of the year. And some days I'm literally feeling like I'm running out of time. That's ok though, I know who holds everything in His hands. I'm clinging like no business,

Sincerely, so excited about the next chapter in life; about moving to Paraguay!
The big date is in mid December bought the ticket, and packing is under way.
God is good, I can literally feel His goodness!

Just wanted to remind you all that I will be in the United States next year for Home Assignment, from July-September 2016. During this time I share about the ministry, dreams and plans that God has placed on my for South America. You're more than welcome to contact me personally, so I can come and visit your church, youth group, etc. Let's be honest, I would love to see you!

Wanna book a date while I'm on Home Assignment?
Please email me at:

Wanna learn more about the big move to Paraguay?
Check out the video in the links below! And feel free to share the video with your church!


Thanks for your prayers for this time of transitions and adjustments. I'm enjoying and soaking all the in between moments and laughter. Cherishing each meal shared with friends and remember that the same God who brought these amazing people into my life, is the same awesome God that is preparing me and going before me for greater things.

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