Friday, January 15, 2016

Happy 2016 all the way from Paraguay!

¡Hola 2016!

It's almost the end of the month and I'm so happy to be greeting you all from my little comfy home in Paraguay. Thanks to your continued prayers and supported I have had such a great and smooth transition from Argentina to Paraguay. Can't believe I'm really here! I'm excited!

Check out the short video of my new home CLICK HERE! 

Here are a few highlights of my first month here in Paraguay, and also a little short video of where of the campus I live. This same campus is where we are building the International Leadership Center. If you have questions about the development/training center project feel free to email: 

Christmas + New Year:

This year, I got to celebrate Christmas even and Christmas day with the Carney family, plus Sidney and it was a great time. We combined their family customs with local Paraguayan customs. Basically, we ate a lot of delicious meat. It was lots of fun and a night filled with tons of laughs and fireworks!

Then on Christmas day we headed out for a day of lots of sun and pool fun! I came back with a darker skin color than I imagined...Merry Christmas to me? haha..

Later came the New Year, which also included a lot of good food. And between the days there were lots of rains and games fun with Carney family and friends.

Paraguay National Youth Camp: 

The year started off with lots of fun with the annual National Youth Camp. There were over 100 youth from all over Paraguay at this camp, and considering this is only the 5th year doing this camp; 100 in attendance is really great! Please have the youth in your prayers. We are praying that God continues to give them passion and creativity to do great things for Gods kingdom here in Paraguay and also in the entire world!

If you're interested in having me come by and share about the ministry and work being done in South America please feel free to contact me at any time: