Thursday, February 25, 2016

2 months and counting...

¡Hola! Paraguay is home. Paraguay is hot and humid, and I'm loving it! 

So, I'm finally starting to settle into my little house. Moving has its ups and downs, now imagine moving across international borders; oh what fun! Still, I can now somewhat go around town without feeling so lost, and that's really great improvement. Yay, google maps and Spanish skills! Paraguay is really starting to cling to my heart. The people are warm and hospitable. I love being part of the San Lorenzo Church of the Nazarene, where I help out with anything thats needed. I love this church already for lots of reasons, and I will share those in my next post. 

With a new move comes lots of feelings of missing my old home Argentina and my friends there. And of course I miss my family back in Oklahoma, but I have a more direct mailing system here so getting snail mail from them has been really fun. If you want to know my address, email me and we can get connected! 

Looking back at the weeks here in Paraguay, I'm thankful for Gods protection and the way that God is so faithful in providing everything I need just at the right time. God is good. God is constantly good. Sometimes its good to say that out loud, just saying. 

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Today, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who sends me encouraging emails and those that remember me their prayers. Trust me, they are deeply felt!

Plus, I also wanted to share pictures and a video with you all. Please don't forget that I'm still working on filling up my schedule for my time back home in the USA (July 1st - September 30th). So, let's connect and maybe talk about the possibilities of me stopping by to share stories about the ministry in South America:

Grace & Peace,